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Heritage photography matures over the years. The discovery of new treasures and the study of their authors enriches this assessment that is affirmed in artistic and historical guidelines. We accompany the evolution of its prestige by editing our Photographic Catalog N ° 7, another collector's work. And in this revival of the old photographic processes, for the first time we do it accompanied by a contemporary artist, the Nicaraguan photographer María José Guerrero. Majo resides in Lima, Peru. We present works of her authorship and in dialogue with the Peruvian master photographer Javier Silva Meinel.

Artists exhibited
Ernesto Fernando Baena; Bate & Co.; Samuel Boote; Tomás Bradley; Hiram E. Calógero; Martín Chambi; Chute & Brooks; Carlos Descalzo; Juan Di Sandro; D.K. Rio; Jorge H. Franke; Roberto M. Gertsmann; Luigi Doménico Gismondi; María José Guerrero; Emilio Halitzky; Desiderio Jouant & Hno.; Godofredo Kaltschmidt; Emilio Lahore; Benito Panunzi; Antonio Pozzo; Samuel Rimathé; José María Silva; Werner Schumacher; Spencer & Cía., y Juan J. Van Der Wayder.